Why you should pick Move iT Movers?

Here are some examples we have heard first hand..

1. A hard working mover matters.
Yolanda is (understandably) looking for the cheapest quote. ABC Movers quoted $100 per hour which is $10 cheaper than our 2 person package. However ABC Movers takes 4 hours for a job that would take us only 3. Total costs ABC Movers $400 versus Move iT Movers $330.

2. A smart mover matters.
Oliver asked us to move a 2 bedroom townhouse. He asked several times if a 4.5 tonne truck is big enough which we confidently replied it was. Upon arrival we were able to get all his items in, safely and securely, and moved to his new place in one trip. He was amazed and pleased as last time a larger truck was used and they weren’t able to fix everything and had to do two trips – doubling his cost and time. The team got a $20 tip which was great for a slurpee!

3. A reliable mover matters.
Laura has called us up at the last minute because her movers she had booked in didn’t show up / cancelled. We can fit her in at the end of the day but are running  a little behind. It’s common courtesy to let the client, know which we do via SMS or call, keeping her informed that we will be 15 minutes later than expected and we are on the way.

4. It is generally cheaper with an hourly rate.
Olivia has a 3 bedroom apartment to move 10 kilometres across town to another apartment. She wants a fixed price. We’ve asked all the questions and anticipate it would take 2 hours to load, 30 minutes to drive and 1.5 hour to unload being a total of 4 hours. However it’s a shared lift and they can be notoriously slow  and she wants to move at 4pm so with anticipating any unforeseen delays a quote with an extra 2 hours is provided when quoting. Thankfully we finish the job within the time frame hoped which is great to get home but has cost a little more than needed with a fixed quote.

If you don’t believe Move iT Movers are experts in moving safely and efficiently – check out our reviews!