So you want to save money? How to choose hourly or fixed rate.

But you still don’t want to move yourself. So you’re probably asking for a fixed price quote.

However our challenge is even if you provide all the information for a full quote we can only anticipate the worse case scenario on the roads with traffic and rainy weather slowing down everyone. That the 50 boxes you’ve asked us to move are all heavy and that lift you’re asking us to use is the only one share between 10 levels in your apartment building.

With this in mind we have to factor all these possibilities that would ensure we still can cover the costs of the team and truck expenses including fuel when providing you a fixed price quote.

9 out 10 times it is cheaper and faster for Move iT Movers to provide you a great service via an hourly rate versus a fixed price quote.

Our website might sound great but we would rather let our reviews speak loud and our actions even louder!