Move iT Movers are expert house removalists.

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If you don’t think it’s enjoyable to move your fridge, washing machine, large sofa and that queen size bed you’ve got – we’ve got you covered for your furniture removal!

We can provide you peace of mind that you items and property will be looked after with care whilst loading, efficiently stacked in the vehicle to maximize space and transported safely to your new home.

Each removalists job is different and we have a vehicle and moving team near you just right for your needs. General moving equipment is included and we are able to move fragile items with confidence. Disassembly and reassembly of furniture and items is also available where needed.

Storage of your furniture and personal goods is also available.

We recommend when moving house these jobs are completed with at least a two person team. Furniture removal for larger furniture and white good items, navigation of stairs and sloping driveways need experienced and capable movers carrying your items to ensure safety for both property and individual. Moving companies, like Move iT Movers, that offer a third person to the removalists team ensures loading and unloading moves smoothly as items are carried to the vehicle and loaded simultaneously. For a small extra charge the job often is completed much faster! Alternatively you maybe capable of lending a hand or have a group of friends or family assisting with the move too.