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  3. You will receive a total cubic metres calculation for all your items.

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Bedrooms Quantity Lounge/ Family Quantity Garden Quantity
Baby Bath Air Conditioner Barbeque
Bed King & Mattress Bean Bag Beach Umbrella
Bed Queen & Mattress Bookcase Bicycle
Bed Double & Mattress China Cabinet Card Table
Bed Single & Mattress Cocktail Cabinet Chairs
Bed Water Coffee Table Child's Table & Chair
Bedside Table Computer Doll Pram
Bookcase Desk Esky
Bunks Electric Organ Folding Chair
Chair Filling Cabinet Garden Seat
Change Table Firescreen & Fire Set Garden Tools & House
Chest of Drawers Heater Golf Bag & Buggy
Cot- Collapsible/ Rigid Lounge 2 Seater Ladder
Cupboard Lounge 3 Seater Lawn Mower
Desk Lounge Chair Outdoor Setting
Dressing Table Lounge Modular Rocking Horse
Headboard Nest of Tables Swing (Dismantled)
Large Toys Ottoman/ Pouffe Toolbox
Mirror Piano Stool Tool Cupboard
Play Pen Piano Upright/ Grand Trampoline (Dismantled)
Pram Pool Table Tricycle
Tallboy Rocker/ Recycliner Chair Wading Pool
Stroller Roll Top Desk Wheel Barrow
Suitcase Standard lamp Work Bench
Table Lamp Stereo & Speakers Aquarium
Toy Box/ Chest Television Cartons Quantity
Wardrobes (Large) TV/ Stereo Cabinet Removalist Cartons
Wardrobes (Small) Video Book Boxes
Bassinette Wall Unit Lg/Sm Picture Boxes
Dining Room Quantity Hall Quantity Portarobes
Bookcase Carpets & Rugs Striped Bags
Buffet Grand Father Clock Pot Plants Quantity
Chairs Hall Stand/ Tables Small
Table Hat Rack/ Stand Large
Tray Trolley Pictures/ Mirror
Bar or Crystal Cabinet Side Table Laundry Quantity
Kitchen Quantity Brooms, Mops, etc.
Cabinet Clothes Basket.
Additional Items Quantity Chair Clothes Horse/ Airer
Cupboard Cupboard
Additional Items Dishwasher Drier Tumble/ Cabinet
Additional Items Freezer Laundry Trolley
Additional Items High Chair Ironing Board
Additional Items Kitchen Tidy Sewing Machine
Additional Items Microwave Stool
Additional Items Refrigerator Table
Additional Items Stool Vacuum Cleaner
Additional Items Table Washing Machine

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